Live Printing of Phone Cases for Ping Identity at the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit

Ping Identity, a leading provider of identity and access management solutions, sought to make a memorable impression at the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit held at Excel London. To stand out in a sea of tech companies, Ping Identity decided to leverage innovative technology to engage attendees and reinforce their brand message. This case study details how Ping Identity successfully implemented live printing of customised phone cases to captivate the audience and communicate their commitment to identity security.


Ping Identity recognised the importance of showcasing their commitment to innovation and security at a major industry event like the Gartner Summit. The company wanted to go beyond traditional methods of engagement, such as presentations and brochures, to create a unique and memorable experience for attendees.


1. Create a buzz and generate interest in Ping Identity’s booth.

2. Reinforce the company’s brand message of security and identity.

3. Showcase the integration of technology in identity and access management.

4. Provide attendees with a tangible and personalised takeaway.


Ping Identity partnered with IPROLIVE to execute the live printing of phone cases:

1. Design Selection: Ping Identity created a selection of design templates that incorporated their branding elements, security icons, and event-specific graphics.

2. Live Printing: Once attendees made their selections, high-quality phone cases (compatible with various smartphone models) were printed in real-time using dye sublimation print technology. This process took just a few minutes per case.

3. Personalised Experience: Attendees could watch their phone case being printed and pick it up once it was ready. The customisation process allowed attendees to feel a direct connection to Ping Identity’s commitment to individualised identity management.

4. Engagement Opportunities: While waiting for their phone case, attendees had the opportunity to engage with Ping Identity representatives who could provide information about the company’s solutions and engage in meaningful conversations.


The live printing of phone cases at the Gartner Summit yielded impressive results:

1. Increased Booth Traffic: Ping Identity’s booth saw a significant increase in foot traffic compared to previous events, thanks to the buzz surrounding the live printing experience.

2. Brand Reinforcement: Attendees left with a tangible reminder of Ping Identity’s brand and its commitment to identity security, ensuring a lasting impression.

3. Positive Feedback: The live printing experience received overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees who appreciated the innovative approach to engagement.

4. Lead Generation: Engaging conversations with attendees allowed Ping Identity to generate valuable leads and establish connections with potential clients.


Ping Identity’s decision to incorporate live printing of phone cases into their presence at the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit was a resounding success. It not only differentiated them from competitors but also communicated their brand message effectively. This case study demonstrates how innovative and personalised experiences can leave a lasting impact at industry events and drive engagement in a crowded marketplace.


” IPROSPORTS provided a high number of personalised iPhone and Android cases in a variety of sizes for Ping Identity’s booth at the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit at the Excel Centre. The team came in a timely fashion and at no additional cost of extra storage (we were unfortunately not allowed to use certain entrances and they were accommodating of this, carrying the equipment considerable distance). We are very happy with the products made for us and will use them again at other conferences. “