Live Printing of T-Shirts at the British Junior Open Squash Event

The British Junior Open Squash Event is a prestigious tournament that gathers over 1000 young squash players from around the world. The event organisers aimed to enhance the participants’ experience and commemorate their participation by offering personalised merchandise. Live printing of custom t-shirts and hoodies emerged as an engaging solution to create lasting memories for the young athletes.

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The primary goal was to provide a unique and memorable experience for young squash players by offering live printing of personalised t-shirts and hoodies during the British Junior Open Squash Event. The customised garments would serve as mementos of their participation and achievements in the tournament.


Coordinating the live printing setup within the fast-paced environment of a squash tournament.

Managing a diverse range of design requests from participants.

Ensuring the quality and durability of the printed designs on the t-shirts and hoodies.


Pre-Event Planning:

We collaborated with the event organisers to design a collection of garment graphics that reflected the spirit of the tournament. The designs incorporated elements such as squash rackets, energetic patterns, and the event’s logo.

Efficient Printing Set-up:

A designated printing area was set-up at the British Junior Open Squash Event venue at the University of Birmingham. The set-up included advanced printing equipment, a variety of t-shirts and hoodie sizes, and display boards showcasing available design options.

Interactive Experience:

Participants could approach the printing station to choose their preferred garment size and design. Our team guided them through the design selection process, and the chosen design was then printed onto the apparel using high-quality printing techniques.

Timely Production:

The efficient printing process ensured that participants received their customised garments quickly, allowing them to proudly wear their personalised gear throughout the event.

Celebrating Achievements:

Participants proudly wore their personalised t-shirts as they competed and interacted with fellow athletes. The printed clothing became a symbol of their participation and accomplishments in the tournament.


Numerous personalised t-shirts and hoodies were printed and distributed to participants throughout the British Junior Open Squash Event.

The live printing station created an engaging focal point at the event venue, drawing attention from participants and spectators alike.

Participants expressed excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to own personalised merchandise that commemorated their involvement in the tournament.


The live printing of clothing at the British Junior Open Squash Event demonstrated the power of personalisation in enhancing participants’ experiences. By offering customised merchandise, the event organisers fostered a sense of community and celebration among young squash players. The successful execution of this project highlighted the role of live printing in creating tangible and cherished memories for participants in sports events.


“Many thanks for the live printing delivery over the last five days. As always the feedback was great from the players and supporters, and your presence at the event adds to the overall tournament experience. Please can I also say a big thank you to your team. The efficiency and energy they bring to the event is impressive!” – Mike Edwards – Tournament Director