Live Printing of Caps and T shirts for Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One™ Team at the British Grand Prix

Aston Martin F1 sought to create an immersive and engaging experience for their fans and attendees by offering personalised merchandise. Live printing of custom caps and t-shirts emerged as a dynamic solution to connect with fans and elevate their event presence.


The primary goal was to enhance Aston Martin’s F1s brand engagement and fan experience by providing personalised caps and t-shirts to attendees in real-time during the British Grand Prix. The premium merchandise would serve as cherished keepsakes for fans while promoting the brand’s image.


Coordinating the live printing setup within the dynamic environment of a Grand Prix event.

Ensuring high-quality printing and design execution for personalised caps and t shirts.

Managing a large volume of cap customisation requests efficiently and without long wait times.


Pre-Event Planning:

We collaborated closely with Aston Martin’s F1 event team to create a range of cap and t-shirt designs that aligned with the brand’s aesthetics and the event’s theme. The caps already incorporated the iconic Aston Martin elements and Grand Prix motifs and through personalised print were embellished with fan initials, colour matched to Aston Martin F1 brand identity.

Efficient Printing Setup:

Strategically designed printing stations were set up across two sites; within the Aston Martin VIP area of the new HQ and at the Paddock Club trackside, at the British Grand Prix venue. The setup included advanced printing equipment, a wide array of cap styles and colours, and interactive display screens showcasing the personalisation offering.

 Personalisation Experience:

As attendees approached the live printing station, they were welcomed by our skilled team who guided them through the customisation process. Attendees could choose from the selection of designs, cap styles, and colours. The chosen design was then printed using our cutting-edge printing technology.

 Quick Turnaround:

Our efficient printing process allowed attendees to receive their personalised items within minutes, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. Attendees could watch their garments being printed in real-time, adding an element of excitement.

Brand Engagement:

The live printing station became a focal point of Aston Martin F1’s presence at the British Grand Prix for fans. It created a buzz among attendees, generating social media posts and word-of-mouth promotion. The personalised merchandise became sought-after collectables that extended the brand’s reach beyond the event.


Over 1400 personalised caps were printed and distributed to Aston Martin fans during the event.

– The live printing station drew significant foot traffic, boosting Aston Martin F1’s visibility and engagement at the British Grand Prix.

– Attendees expressed high satisfaction with the personalised cap experience, resulting in positive sentiment towards the brand.


The live printing of caps and t-shirts for Aston Martin F1 at the British Grand Prix showcased the power of personalisation and interaction in brand engagement. By creating a memorable and immersive experience, Aston Martin F1 not only delighted their fans but also strengthened their brand’s presence within the Motorsports community. The successful execution of this project demonstrated the effectiveness of live printing as a dynamic marketing tool for major events.


“Wanted to say a massive thank you to your team this weekend! They were so friendly and hard working and the activation was a huge success!!” – Laura Howlett – Events & Hospitality Manager – Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One™ Team

Live printed caps - Aston Martin - British Grand Prix