Festival Merchandise Printing and Stand Management at Godiva Festival

The Godiva Festival is one of the UK’s largest free music festivals, attracting a diverse audience of music enthusiasts, families, and local residents. The festival organizers aimed to offer attendees a memorable experience by providing personalised merchandise that captured the spirit of the event. The printing of festival merchandise and the management of a merchandise stand emerged as an engaging solution.



The primary goal was to enhance the festival experience for attendees by offering merchandise that celebrated the festival’s atmosphere. The merchandise would serve as mementos of the event and promote brand engagement.


Coordinating the setup of a merchandise stand within a bustling festival environment.

Managing a high volume of merchandise customisation requests efficiently and providing quick turnaround times.

Ensuring that the printed merchandise accurately captured the festival’s vibe.


Pre-Festival Preparation:

We collaborated closely with the Godiva Festival team to design a range of merchandise graphics that resonated with the event’s theme and audience. The designs incorporated elements such as music motifs, festival imagery, and the festival’s logo.

Merchandise Stand Setup:

A strategically located merchandise stand was set up at the Godiva Festival venue. The set-up featured an array of festival merchandise items, including t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories. The stand was designed to be visually appealing and inviting to attendees.

Interactive Customisation:

Festival-goers could visit the merchandise stand to select their preferred merchandise item and design. Our team facilitated the customisation process, allowing attendees to choose colours, sizes, and design variations.

On-Site Printing:

Using advanced printing technology, we printed the chosen designs onto the merchandise items as an online offering pre-event, as a retail concession at the event, and in real-time throughout the event. The efficient printing process ensured that attendees received their personalised items promptly.

Community Engagement:

The merchandise stand became a hub of activity, drawing attendees who wanted to commemorate their festival experience. The stand’s interactive nature fostered engagement and encouraged festival-goers to take home a piece of the event.


A wide range of personalised festival merchandise items were printed and distributed to attendees throughout the Godiva Festival.

The merchandise stand generated significant foot traffic, contributing to the festival’s vibrant atmosphere and creating a memorable experience for attendees.

Attendees expressed enthusiasm for the merchandise, which helped build a stronger connection between them and the festival.


The printing of festival merchandise and the management of a merchandise stand at the Godiva Festival exemplified the impact of branded garments enhancing the festival experience. By offering attendees the opportunity to own festival memorabilia, the event organisers not only created lasting memories but also fostered a sense of community and engagement. The successful execution of this project underscored the significance of merchandise as an effective strategy for enhancing the overall festival atmosphere and attendee satisfaction.

ipro live team wearing live printed garments